Tuesday, 13 August 2013

East Coast Lagoon Food Village - Roxy Laksa & Prawns Noodles Review

East Coast Lagoon Food Village
1220 East Coast Parkway 468960
Roxy Laksa & Prawns Noodle
Eating in East Coast Lagoon Food Village can be a hit or a miss. We decided to try out the Roxy Laksa on of the days while hanging out at East Coast Park.

For your information, those who loved cockles you can just give this a miss as they do not serve their Laksa with cockles. I asked for more soup as usual and was rudely turned down by the auntie. I think I paid like $4 or $5 for this bowl of Laksa with no cockles and no extra soup. :(
Still, we wanna try this without any prejudice but sadly the soup isn't as great as the Katong Laksa we had before. Soup is abit bland, prawns are pretty fresh though.
We did'nt try the Prawn Noodles though. Perhaps you can leave us some comments if you tried it and you can share with us how it fare. :)
But then again, I doubt I will try this again :P not for the price nor the quality of Laksa served. Unless you are craving badly for Laksa then you may give this a try.

                                                                    Ambiance       3.5/5
                                                                    Food                  2/5
                                                                    Money               2/5
No high chairs available for kids but there are mini playground like swings nearby the food village.

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