Tuesday, 13 August 2013

East Coast Lagoon Food Village - Zuo Ji Duck Rice

East Coast Lagoon Food Village
1220 East Coast Parkway 468960
East Coast Park - One of the places that I love to go during the weekends to relax and indulge myself in the foods offered at the nearby food village.


For those who have not been to Singapore but plans to do so, I would recommend you guys to come down for a stroll by the lovely beach and then proceed to the food village for some Singapore style food.

Food is always better when there are beautiful sand and sea. For those years that I was absent in Singapore, East Coast Park is one of the places that I will check out whenever I am back.

Zuo Ji Duck Rice . Duck Porridge
Braised Duck Rice
Decided to give this stall a try since it had a long queue to it. :P Well, normally if there is a queue it's either cheap or it's nice. Waited for slightly more than 30mins before we can make our order. 

We ordered the duck porridge, it's only average tasting.
Not worth the long wait.
The duck rice was too hard even with that amount of gravy, rice is too hard at least for me. The duck meat itself is only average nothing much to rave about. They also braised other stuffs like pig's ear which was surprising to me though as I haven't seen stalls selling braised pig's ear for quite a long while since I was back from China. Sadly, it was tough and not braised long enough. The only consolation comes from the chili. But then again, I doubt I will patronise this stall again even for the chili.
                                                                     Ambiance     3.5/5
                                                                     Food                2/5
                                                                     Money             2/5
No high chairs available for kids but there are mini playground like swings nearby the food village.


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