Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Taipei Cafe @ Bugis

Taipei Cafe @ Bugis
#01-02,  470 North Bridge Road
I was craving for some steamboat and happen to see a deal on streetdeal.sg therefore the review for Taipei Cafe. It is actually opposite Bugis Junction, not very noticeable but easy to find as it's just behind the bus stop. We had to call a few times to make reservations and every time it seems that the air-conditioned place is taken up and left with only the seats outside.


When we arrived, inside had plenty of seats and so I asked if we could sit in inside :P. They said that the table is booked by someone but at a later time and if we are able to finish by that timing they wouldn't mind us taking up the table. Of course we took up the offer but it was a wrong move. Halfway through the meal, I was already fanning myself with a paper as it is getting really stuffy and warm inside even with the air-conditioning on.
Personally, I felt that the variety of items for the steamboat is pretty limited. But the set meal, drinks and snack was surprising good.
Since the drinks came along with the deal free, I can't expect much. It's pretty diluted but still passable.

The side dish we chose the tempura prawn and crispy pork cutlet. Prawns are really small and not that fresh.. but the pork cutlet is still fine just a bit tad too oily.
For the set meal, we ordered the Oyster Mee Sua and SiChuan Spicy Beef Noodle.
I did not expect it to be good since we are actually here for the steamboat. Instead, the set meal was so good that we finished up the set meal ended up not eating much from the steamboat counter.
Dessert we had Mango Pudding and we only had a spoonful as it's really not what we expected. It's too sweet and the texture is kinda weird.

But for the kind of deal we are paying, it is definitely worth every dime spent but perhaps next time we might just settle for the set meal only instead of the combo of the steamboat and set meal which is too much for us.

                                                                   Ambiance                          2.5/5
                                                                   Food                                  3.5/5
                                                                   Money                               3.5/5

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